School & Youth Programs

Download Maymont's complete 2012-2013 School & Youth Visit Guide for fees, reservations and other information.

Maymont educators offer a variety of historical, environmental and after-school programs to incorporate into your planning for the school year. All on-site programs meet Virginia's Standards of Learning for either History and Social Science or Science.

Maymont's unique historical programs provide a rich resource that awakens students to ideas and events of the past and a connection to how the past affects our lives today. Students can discover the fascinating world of the Gilded Age, both the lives of the new millionaire class in America and the lives of the working class in a period of dramatic economic, social and technological change.

Maymont's environmental programs offer lots of opportunities to encounter nature nose-to-snout and nose-to-beak. From seasons to senses and rivers to rocks, students can discover the wonders of the natural world in exciting, hands-on adventures.

Learning opportunities are also available for pre-school classes and after-school programs and NEW homeschooler programs.

See our list of Homeschooler programs and register online.  

Educators can come to you, too! Outreach Animal Encounters -- with birds, insects or reptiles -- are offered Monday through Friday during regular school hours.


1. Decide if you will want to schedule a program or reserve an admission time.
2. Choose your optimum program date and two alternate dates.
3. Determine the number of students and chaperones who will be attending.
4. Call the appropriate department Monday-Friday between 9am-4:30pm for a reservation:
Maymont Nature Center: 804-358-7166, ext. 324 or 333
Maymont House & Carriages: 804-358-7166, ext. 329


• Reservations are required 15 days in advance for all group visits and are available on a first come, first served basis.
• Upon registration, a confirmation packet will be sent. Please complete and return the confirmation form to guarantee your reservation. Failure to return confirmations within three weeks (or payment one week in advance) may result in cancellation of the program.
• If reservations must be cancelled, please call Maymont immediately. Due to limited availability, programs are not guaranteed to be rescheduled.
• One adult chaperone is required for each 10 students.
• Group size is limited to 30 students per program.
• Notify Maymont staff in advance of any special needs for mentally or physically challenged students or gifted students so appropriate accommodations can be made.

The Maymont Foundation reserves the right to deny admission to any group without a 15-day advance reservation.

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