Children's Farm

Maymont's Children's Farm features typical domestic animals found on traditional farms. The Farm is open year-round and offers guests insight into the farm-life experience and provides exciting animal encounters for all ages. Children are especially welcome to feed and pet many animals on display. The Farm is home to a variety of goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, donkeys, rabbits, peafowl (peacocks and peahens), turkeys, cattle, horses, geese and ducks.

To insure that Maymont remains free to the public, a $4 per person donation is suggested at the Children's Farm. Thousands of area families salute the importance of Maymont with their annual membership. Others (including children, families, grandparents, schools, organizations, religious institutions, clubs and businesses) choose to "Adopt an Animal" and provide the funds to feed one particular animal for an entire year.

A visit to the Children's Farm is always fun, but never the same. Regular guests know that the Farm changes by the hour and by the season. The morning crow of a rooster captivates curious babies, while school and birthday party groups are ecstatic to participate during feeding time. Big brothers and sisters marvel at the day's end "parade," when animals are corralled from the fields to the Barn.

All the seasons offer opportunities to learn about and appreciate the domestic animals and traditional farms. Check the calendar for upcoming programs and events throughout the year.

All of Maymont's animals are well cared for by a team of animal professionals, including full-time animal keepers and aquarists as well as part-time animal keepers. Maymont's animal volunteer staff varies seasonally; many volunteers are needed year-round.

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