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You can help ensure our furry friends have the care they need for years to come.

Thank you for your interest in helping Maymont’s animals! From chickens and goats to American bald eagles, black bears and river otters...more than 400 animals call Maymont “home.” They are not just residents of Maymont; our animals are integral members of our Environmental Education team. Thanks to them, more than 34,000 area school children encounter nature up close and personal in our school programs each year.

Maymont’s animals depend on people like you to help feed and care for them at a cost of $500,000 a year. You can directly support the care of Maymont’s finned, feathered and furry “educators” with a tax-deductible gift to our Adopt An Animal program. It is a unique way to help Maymont, and a fun way to create a special bond with one of our animals.

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Adoptions can be made online or by phone at 804-358-7166, ext. 313.

When you adopt a Maymont animal, you will receive a certificate of adoption and other benefits according to your gift level. Adoptions make great gifts for anyone who loves animals and are a unique way for a business or club to give back to the community. They can also serve as educational tools for students. Best of all, you can visit your adopted animal at Maymont and see the results of your generous support.

Animal Appreciation Days Program

Held each fall since 1998, the Animal Appreciation program is a special partnership between Maymont and Richmond-region elementary school children. It is a community service program focused on raising funds for the support of Maymont’s animals. The children are quite resourceful when it comes to raising money for their Maymont favorites organizing student-teacher kickball games, selling Teddy-grams, or shooting hoops for the animals. Teachers creatively weave the Animal Appreciation program into their science curriculum as well as using it as a learning experience in economics and money.

Congratulations to Henrico County’s Glen Allen Elementary School, last year’s overall school fundraising winner. View images from our 2013 Animal Appreciation Days celebration!

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